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First round- On Campus(1)

October 14, 2012

I cannot stress this enough, you can never be too prepared for the interview. The first round interview is coming up very fast so you have a very limited amount of time to prepare; hence, use that time wisely. Here are some websites that you might want to check out:

The Cisco careers website. Know what you’re interviewing for and whyHappy

Know Cisco’s products (you don’t need to know all of them but be prepared to show knowledge of some them). Understand where Cisco is going and why it’s doing what it’s doing (for instance, what is Webex nad how useful it is)
To give you some hints:
Cisco is a cutting eage company in Internet.
It has 475 offices in 165 countries.
Right now, their priorities are:
1-Leadership in core products (Routing, Switching)  (Note that Kanata site is mostly focused on CRS platform=Carrier Routing System: )
2-Collaborations such as VoIP,Webex, etc (Not Canada site)
3- Data Center, virtualization, Cloud (Note that market at Data Center is at the hand of Hp)
4- Video streaming
5- Architure for business transformation.
Learn about who are Cisco competitors: 
3-Juniper networks
4- 3com -> hp
5- extreme networks
6- Aruba networks
7- Force 10 networks -> Dell
8- big switch networks –
9- Arista networks
10- Embrace inc.
11-F5 Network
post no.2

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  1. Wow, Cristian. I got surprised by your like and comment in the first day of blogging

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