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First round- On Campus(2)

October 16, 2012
CRS- Carrier Routing System- Kanata site platform
Actually it stands for  Ali Reza Saberi (ASR) but John Chamber put his family name at the beginning so it became CRS. While the device was in development, it was known by the code name of HFR, or Huge Fucking Router!! :))
Check out this video, please:
And this video,too.
It is a large- scale core router that is considered as backbone of the network.
Its operating system is IOS XR from ISO train!(IOS stands for Internetworking Operating System and QNX kernal based OS. QNX is a real time operating system(RTOS))
statistical data that you can memorize  are:
CRS-1: was introduced in 2004 with 92 Tbps of capacity
CRS-3: was introduced in 2010 with 322 Tbps of capacity(3*CRS-1 ),compatible with CRS-1 forward and backward with no service interruption using the same power as CRS-1
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